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HEALTH ACCESS: Updated Health Access Report Points to Success for New National Law Against Surprise Medical Bills Now in Effect

On the week that new federal rules go into effect to prevent patients from getting surprise medical bills, consumer advocacy group Health Access California releases an updated report on the California experience of a similar state law. The report shows the laws success in protecting patients from unexpected out-of-network bills as well as inflated premiums from provider overcharging with no indication of negative impacts on network size or patient access to care.

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HEALTH ACCESS: CA DMHC Approves Centene-Magellan Merger With Conditions

For immediate release: Thursday, December 30, 2021 For more information, contact:Anthony Wright, executive director, Health Access California, 916-870-4782 (cell) MERGER WATCH: CALIFORNIA DMHC APPROVES CENTENE-MAGELLAN MERGER WITH CONDITIONS AND CONSUMER PROTECTIONS California’s Department of Managed Health Care today approved a “diagonal” merger between the health plan Centene and Magellan, with several conditions on protecting patients from premium hikes as a results of the merger, improving access to care, especially regarding […]

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2021-22 CA Budget Takes Major Steps to a More Universal & Equitable Health Care System

The State Legislature passed the final 2021-2022 health budget bill (AB 133) that includes historic investments in expanding and improving health coverage for millions of Californians. It now goes to Governor Newsom for his final signature in the coming days. Many of the proposals included in this budget bill were key priorities of the Care4All California coalition of over […]

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CA Governor & State Legislature Strike Budget Deal with Major Steps Towards a More Universal Health Care System

The state legislative leaders announced the outlines of a 2021-2022 budget agreement with Governor Newsom that includes funding for a more universal, equitable, and affordable, health care system. The final deal includes historic investments in our health system, including a first-in-the-nation end to the exclusion of income-eligible undocumented adults age 50 and over in Medi-Cal. #Health4All By opening up Medi-Cal […]

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Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act Keeping in Place Coverage for Millions of Californians

In a huge victory for Americans and Californians, the U.S. Supreme Court today issued a 7-2 ruling in California v. Texas that keeps the Affordable Care Act (ACA) intact for the over 30 million Americans and 5 million Californians who rely on it’s protections and financial assistance. The Court found that the plaintiffs who sought to overturn the law lacked the standing to challenge it in the first place. 

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California Legislature Passes Their 2021 – 2022 Budget with Steps Towards A More Universal Health Care System. Deal On Final Budget Must Still Be Reached With Governor Newsom.

Yesterday, the California State Assembly and State Senate voted to pass a 2021-2022 state budget that includes funding for a more universal, equitable, and affordable, health care system. While the Legislature is in agreement on this version of the budget, negotiations continue with Governor Newsom on a final deal. On June 1, the state legislature […]

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Major Health Care Affordability Proposals to Be Heard Today in Senate Budget Subcommittee

Today, the California Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services will meet to hear a number of key health care budget proposals, including two major efforts to make our health care system more affordable for consumers. The Office of Health Care Affordability as well as additional affordability assistance in Covered California will both be considered during the hearing which begins at 2:30pm today, May 4th, 2021. These efforts are among the most impactful of a number of health care budget proposals put forward by health care advocates this year. 

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Twenty Takeaways from 2020

Protecting Our Progress and Confronting the Challenges of COVID-19 Like most Californians, we had high hopes for progress in 2020. The year began in earnest with the implementation of expanded access and affordability to coverage for hundreds of thousands of Californians, and ambitious plans to increase health industry oversight to control costs, improve quality and […]

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Californians to Benefit from COVID-19 Relief and Solution to Surprise Medical Bills

Health advocates expressed support for the package of COVID-19 financial relief set for a vote in Congress today, with the vow to continue to advocate for key elements that are not included in the current package, such as state and local aid to maintain health and other vital services. In particular, health advocates are pleased with the inclusion of consumer protections to stop surprise medical bills, a long-sought solution to ensure patients don’t get unexpected out-of-network bills from health providers, which can often be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.