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We seek Affordable, Equitable, and Quality Health Care for ALL Californians

Secure and expand coverage for all.

Since its inception, Health Access has focused on breaking down barriers to care, and building up group coverage, including expanding public programs, enhancing employer-based benefits, and moving towards a more universal, single-payer health system. Health Access works to win comprehensive health reforms at the local, state and federal level, including the efforts to implement, and improve upon the Affordable Care Act. We work to improve Medi-Cal, Covered California, and our safety net, remove unfair exclusions, and extend access and affordability help to all Californians.

Protect patients, and improve value through industry accountability.

As a lead voice for health care consumers, and a counterpoint to the health industry, Health Access seeks to empower individuals and organizations to advocate for state and federal actions that puts patients first, stopping insurers or providers from denying care or overcharging for it. Focusing on costs, quality, equity and access, we develop and advance policies to ensure patients get the care they need when and how they need it, while reducing discrimination and disparities.

Encourage a healthier California.

Health Access advances state budget investments to invest in public health, including protecting and improving key public coverage programs like Medi-Cal, Medicare, and our safety-net institutions. We work to strengthen these programs and services, making sure they are funded. Health Access also promotes prevention, from primary care to social determinants of health. We seek health, tax, and budget policies that help build a stronger social contract overall.

Health Access works with a broad coalition of dozens of member organizations representing communities of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, children, seniors, people of faith, labor, LGBTQ, and working families. Co-equal to our policy goals, Health Access seeks to build our coalition member’s ability to engage effectively in advocacy and leverage our collective power, using a strategic combination of industry oversight, administrative advocacy around various state agencies, legislative advocacy, and public education, giving consumers confidence in their care and coverage.