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Governor Gavin Newsom announced in his May budget revise that he proposes a $94 million cut to eliminate in-home supportive services (IHSS) for older and disabled, low-income Californians based solely on their immigration status. This will mean thousands of Medi-Cal recipients being cut-off from vital care that is helping to keep them living safely at home. Not only will this result in further impoverishment for these Californians, but could in fact increase state spending by forcing Californians into expensive nursing home care that can be nearly 4 times more expensive than providing care in the home. We must stop this cut from being implemented!

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Patients need to come before profits.

Private equity investors are buying up more and more health care practices and hospitals, to the detriment of patients. These acquisitions drive up costs, reduce access, and lead to worse outcomes for patients because these firms are out to maximize profits, not improve patient health. California needs to stand up for health care consumers and make sure we’re getting the care we deserve – not just lining private equity’s pockets. Write your legislator in support of AB 3129!

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