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Making the Full Promise of Health Reform Real

Since its inception, Health Access has focused on expanding health coverage through public programs, employer-based benefits, or a universal, single-payer proposal. Throughout its history, Health Access has worked to advance comprehensive health reforms and the vision of quality, affordable, universal health care for all Californians.

“Under the Trump Administration, we faced multiple existential threats to the health coverage, but together we were able to protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and with it, the health care coverage of tens of millions of Californians.”
President Biden, February 2022

President Biden and Vice President Harris are now committed to building on and expanding health care coverage, using the ACA as a framework. There have been many exciting steps takzen under the new Administration including enhanced premium subsides to purchase health care coverage, making health care more affordable than ever. This is key to keeping Californians covered, especially during the health and economic crisis created by COVID-19 where many people have lost jobs and health care coverage.

With the ACA intact, California can take additional and novel steps towards other major reforms in job-based coverage and Medi-Cal, as well as having serious discussions about the path towards a unified-financing system that would lead to fully universal coverage.


Californians have gained low-cost or free health care coverage due to the Affordable Care Act

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Covered California

Covered California is the state’s health insurance marketplace established under the Affordable Care Act. Californians are able to shop for, compare, sign-up, and renew health care coverage through the exchange operated by the state.

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Medi-Cal provides quality, comprehensive coverage to nearly 14 million California children, parents, seniors, and people with disabilities and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, low-income childless adults.  

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Job-Based Benefits

Health Access supports a level playing field for employers who offer coverage. 

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Single Payer

Since its founding, Health Access has been a strong supporter of a universal health care system that provides quality, affordable health care to all Californians–a Medicare for all system, also known as single-payer health reform. 

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Safety Net

The safety net of community clinics and public hospitals is an important part of California’s health care system, providing high quality care to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured patients. 

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Medicare is a federal program covering more than 4 million Californians who are age 65 or older or who are living with disabilities.

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