What is #Health4All?

The Health4All coalition advances policies to remove immigration status as a barrier to health care access in California.

The Health4All campaign is advanced by a coalition of over 100 immigrant justice, grassroots, progressive, and health care groups working to remove exclusions to health coverage, ensuring all Californians can access care regardless of their immigration status.

Many undocumented Californians are excluded from health care coverage and are dying from treatable conditions. These vulnerable community members are suffering due to lack of health care, simply because of where they were born.

California has led the way by removing immigration exclusions to Medi-Cal, the state’s public health insurance program that provides coverage for low-income individuals and families who are income-eligible. These investments are necessary to get California to universal health coverage.

California will  continue to lead the nation by advancing groundbreaking health care solutions for ALL Californians who are unjustly excluded from our health care system simply due to where they were born.


The Health4All Campaign began in 2013 when immigrant rights activists, health care advocates, and community members came together to call for expanding health care to all Californians, regardless of immigration status. Since then, the campaign has been able to remove unjust barriers to Medi-Cal eligibility and has fought to include over 1 million Californians into the program.

Campaign Milestones: Medi-Cal Access


Health4All Kids: Ages 0-17


Health4All Young Adults: Ages 18-25


Health4All Older Adults: Ages 50+


Passed: Health4All: Ages 26-49


Removal of all barriers to Medi-Cal based on immigration status

For more information about the Health4All campaign and how to get involved, contact Ana Lie Alvarez, Campaign Organizer.