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Bill Signed by Governor Newsom to Permanently Cap Prescription Drug Costs

AB 948 (Berman) keeps expensive prescription drugs more affordable for Californians with chronic illnesses SACRAMENTO, CA – Over the weekend, California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB 948 by Assemblymember Berman to make permanent the existing $250 co-pay cap for prescription drugs, ensuring consumers can count on their monthly prescription drug costs staying consistent, even […]

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Major Bill to Stop Surprise Ambulance Bills was Passed in Emergency Management Committee Today

AB 716 (Boerner) builds on California’s strong patient protections against surprise medical bills by extending them to also include ambulance bills Bill was heard in Assembly Emergency Management committee TODAY at 2:30pm, where it passed 6-0. ***Impacted consumer stories available upon request*** SACRAMENTO, CA – Building on nearly a decade of work to protect Californians […]

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These Key CA Health Care Bills Passed the Floor This Week

The California State Senate and Assembly held their floor sessions this week, with the opportunity to vote on major health care legislation to increase accountability in our health care system and improve health access for consumers. AB 2080 by Assemblymember Wood strengthens oversight on for-profit hospital and health industry mergers to ensure they are in the […]

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HEALTH ACCESS: Updated Health Access Report Points to Success for New National Law Against Surprise Medical Bills Now in Effect

On the week that new federal rules go into effect to prevent patients from getting surprise medical bills, consumer advocacy group Health Access California releases an updated report on the California experience of a similar state law. The report shows the laws success in protecting patients from unexpected out-of-network bills as well as inflated premiums from provider overcharging with no indication of negative impacts on network size or patient access to care.