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CA Office of Health Care Affordability (OHCA)

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Health consumers are being forced to make tough decisions between paying for health care and affording other necessities like rent and food. This results in many Californians skipping or delaying the care they need – putting their health at risk.

In January of this year, the staff of OHCA recommended setting the statewide cost growth target at 3%, aligning with the average growth in median income. This means that health care costs will not grow more than what Californians can afford. Reducing growth rates will save Californians thousands of dollars over time. Now, they need to hear from you. Use our letter tool to submit your public comment by March 11 to let OHCA know why you need affordable health care!

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Stopping Surprise Medical Bills

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Our Issues
Health Access works on a number of issues to improve and expand our health care system, while also holding the industry accountable keeping prices affordable and care equitable.

Reform & Coverage

Throughout its history, Health Access has worked to advance comprehensive health reforms and the vision of quality, affordable, universal health care for all Californians.

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Lower Costs

Slowing the rate of growth in overall health care costs, through transparency and better oversight of health care spending at every level

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Health Equity & Inclusion

While Health Access works for coverage for all, we recognize that California’s diverse communities have distinct needs and issues.

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Consumer Protection

Once legislation is passed and signed into law, Health Access works to ensure that the law is properly implemented.

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Our Campaigns
Health Access Foundation organizes a variety of community groups, educates local leaders, conducts research on the state’s public and private health care systems, and develops health care policy.

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