This Election Vote to Protect Your Health

Together, we have made major progress this year to advance health reform, with Congress passing the Inflation Reduction Act that lowered health care premiums, and finally standing up to Big Pharma, giving Medicare the ability to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.

This election will decide if we keep building on that momentum–or go backwards.

We must continue to elect Congressional leaders that put people over profits, and ensure the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Those that voted for the Inflation Reduction Act helped prevent premium spikes for Covered California enrollees by an average of $1000/year, and lowered out-of-pocket costs for Californians on Medicare. For the first time ever, it allowed for the federal government to negotiate drug prices – a key victory over the deep-pocketed pharmaceutical industry, which some who voted against it are already seeking to repeal.

Those that voted against it choose to stand with health care corporations, and raise costs on hard-working Californians and their families.

Find out how your member of Congress voted on the Inflation Reduction Act

We urge you to vote up and down the ballot—from Congress to the California propositions, which will also have real health implications throughout our state. Health Access California offers a few recommendations and resources as you consider your vote:

Prop 1: Vote YES on Prop 1 

Yes on Proposition 1 will add the right to an abortion directly into the California State Constitution to ensure that, in our state, people continue to have the power to control their own bodies and personal decisions.

Prop 31: Vote YES on Prop 31 

Yes on Proposition 31 is a common-sense approach: take candy-flavored tobacco, including minty-menthol cigarettes, off store shelves. Doing so will protect kids from a lifetime of nicotine addiction, saving taxpayers billions, and saving lives.

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