Memo on Memes

We have appreciated a new Internet meme that was geared for true health policy geeks, on the wonkiest of subjects: delivery system payment reform.

It’s crucially important–as a key element in the effort to improve quality and control costs in our health care system over the long run. I’ve posted a sample, but for a full blast of wonky goodness, go to Health Care For All Massachusetts tumblr, at

Here at Health Access California, we are also working on payment reform, along with other elements of implementing the Affordable Care Act. In addition, we are no strangers to the world of social media, or of even starting our own memes.

For the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, we put together a popular icon, @MCHammer, to inform people about the law’s positive impact, as a way to reach those that wouldn’t normally get those messages.

Take a sample of our most recent efforts at our Tumblr:

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