People of Color are Living Sicker and Dying Younger in California

ACTIONRacial and ethnic disparities in health constitute a crisis, one that requires the attention of health care providers, policymakers, and communities alike. In California, and across the nation, people of color consistently face higher rates of sickness and mortality than whites. These higher rates are experienced not just for one or two diseases, but across a very broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries.1 People of color in California are also more likely to be among the 47 million people in the U.S. without health insurance.2 Across California and nationwide, health care reform has become a key priority. Health disparities harm all members of a community, and securing a guarantee of quality, afford-able health care for everyone in America requires attention to racial disparities in health care. This report discusses some of the key health disparities in California and the United States and makes recommendations for addressing those disparities.