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Ana Lie Álvarez

Campaign Organizer

Ana Alvarez (She/Her/Ella), Campaign Organizer, joined Health Access in March 2022. She received her B.A in Philosophy with a minor in Labor Studies at UCLA in 2019. She became involved in the social justice world during college, where she studied under advocates, organizers, and leaders in racial, labor and other social justice movements.

Before coming to Health Access, Ana was an external labor organizer for SEIU- United Healthcare Workers West, where she organized nonunion hospital workers into the union, and engaged them around different policy work being done to improve the working conditions for healthcare workers during the pandemic. Ana’s unwavering passion for advocacy comes from growing up as a first generation, working class, Mexican American, cis-gendered woman and seeing how her many identities had effects on the trajectory of different aspects of her life.

(916) 497-0923