Educating the business community…

The California Chamber of Commerce released this video this week, that attempted to answer questions for business owners about the Affordable Care Act. Former local TV reporter Kevin Riggs hosts the segment, with answers from Peter Lee of Covered California, which will host the “SHOP Exchange” small business marketplace for health insurance.

What’s notable about this segment is that it exists. While some business groups like Small Business Majority and even the Bay Area Council have been supportive and engaged on health reform issues, others chose to simply distort and demonize the law for political purposes–spending millions on misleading campaign ads.

When doing that, it was awkward for them at the same time to educate their members about the new benefits and options under the law–like the small business tax credit to be able to afford coverage, or the coming new small business health insurance marketplace.

Hopefully this video and other materials are a sign that we are past the politics, and can get to the business of educating people with the fact and with news they can use. We want Californians to take full advantage of the law, and we need the Chamber and other business groups to achieve that goal.

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