Covered California Marketing, Outreach & Enrollment Assistance Advisory Group

Covered California’s Marketing, Outreach & Enrollment Assistance Advisory Group met on Thursday in Sacramento.  The advisory group heard various reports from Covered California staff.

Staff reported on work that they have done on message development and testing.  They looked at the various groups of people who would be eligible for coverage and what kinds of messages would work for each of these groups.  When this work is finalized, it will be shared with recipients of grant awards.  Staff also gave a report of the broad marketing plan, including what channels of communications they plan to use and what proportion of resources will be allocated for each.

Additionally, the staff gave an update on Covered California’s Social Media and Web Presence.  This includes many elements that have already launched, like the new website (with nifty new tools like the cost calculator!) and the facebook page (don’t forget to visit and “like”).

And finally, there was a presentation about enrollment assistance and the “Assisters” program.  Assisters are intended to be individuals connected to target populations who will help eligible individuals sign up for and stay in coverage.

There was some discussion from advisory group members and other stakeholders listening in, but hopefully as the process evolves, there will be space for more dialogue in the meetings.  For more information about this group, and to take a look at materials from today’s webinar, click here.

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