County by county…

With the passage of the bills to implement the Affordable Care Act at the state level, the work begins to shift to on-the-ground implementation, including at the county level. Health Access has already begun work on a county-by-county survey, to see how counties are maximizing coverage for the remaining uninsured.

We intend to publish our results, but Health Access also seeks to monitor and influence the major decisions that will be made at the county level in the next few months. Here are some of the actions and decisions that counties will need to take in the next few months:

Maximizing ACA Enrollment and Federal Funds

a.    Is the county actively engaged in switching LIHP into Medi-Cal coverage for Day One, January 1, 2014? How is the transition planning going? What issues/obstacles have arisen?

b.    Will the county ramp up LIHP eligibility to maximize enrollment? Engage in more aggressive outreach and enrollment into LIHP?

c.    What else will the county do to streamline enrollment, identify potential populations, etc?

Meeting the Needs of All County Residents

d.    What realignment formula will be selected (60/40 split, or cost-based formula)?

e.    How much money is left for public health? For indigent care?

f.     Does the county plan to enhance eligibility or level of services that is offered to the remaining uninsured? Maintain services? Change eligibility? Make other changes?

g.    What is the county’s timeline for these decisions? What public process will be used?

h.    Do you plan to extend the LIHP beyond December 31, 2013, for the remaining uninsured? Use the lessons/infrastructure from the LIHP in any way?
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