Health Access Foundation

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation

Our mission has evolved beyond our original goal of universal healthcare to include protecting consumers, expanding access to care, guarding against budget cuts, participating in regulatory oversight of managed care and the insurance industry, and other issues of the moment.

In this role, Health Access Foundation organizes a variety of community groups, educates local leaders, conducts research on the state’s public and private health care systems, and develops health care policy.

Health Access undertakes community organizing and education, applied research, and policy analysis, and advocates for reform to benefit health care consumers, both insured and uninsured.

These efforts are funded through grants from foundations, as well as donations from individuals.

If you are able to contribute to our agency’s mission, even if it is a small donation, we welcome your support. Click here to be taken to a secure donation site. Please note that all contributions made to Health Access Foundation are tax-deductible.