2021 Recall Election: Our Health Is On The Ballot

This election will be highly consequential to our health, including the public health response to the pandemic, and the health care system that all Californians rely on—from the ability to get on and stay on Medi-Cal and Covered California, or affording the cost of prescription drugs and private health coverage. At stake in this election is our state’s progress towards universal, equitable, and affordable health care coverage, or if that progress may be stopped, or rolled back.

In the last several years, California has made key improvements that could be threatened:

  • We’ve seen the biggest drop of the uninsured rate of all 50 states, with more than 5 million Californians gaining affordable health care coverage, reducing racial disparities and coverage gaps.
  • Our state took steps to not just implement but improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such as removing coverage barriers to hundreds of thousands of Californians regardless of immigration status, helping us better fight the Covid-19 pandemic and improve our health care system overall.
  • California has worked to hold Big Pharma accountable for inflated prescription drugs prices.

A Governor can continue this course, or could use the significant power of the office to slow walk or sabotage the ACA and California’s health care policy and progress:

  • The Governor chooses appointees for key health care posts in the administration, who decide which programs and patient protections are prioritized and how they are implemented.
  • In budget negotiations, the Governor can impact the level of investment in health and human services, which represents a third of the state budget. Governors have lots of say, as they propose an initial budget each year, and ultimately have to sign it.
  • As the final signer of legislation, the Governor can approve or deny health care related bills that could make needed improvements.

Vote like your health depends on it!

  • Every registered voter in California has been mailed a ballot. We encourage you to vote early. A ballot must be put in the mail (postmarked) by September 14th
  • You can also vote or drop off your ballot at these local voting locations.
  • Encourage your friends and family to vote!
  • More information on how to vote can be found at sos.ca.gov/elections.