Vote #56

The Republican majority of the U.S. House of the Representatives conducted their 56th vote to repeal part or all of the Affordable Care Act today. If they were to succeed with their total repeal that all but 3 of them approved today, what would happen?

In California, total havoc. The benefits of the ACA is so ingrained it’s hard to imagine even how you could undo it.

In our state, we have adopted many of the rules into state law. Insurers, hospitals, whole industries have re-oriented themselves to new business models.

Shame on the California GOP Representatives who voted to repeal Obamacare and yank away coverage for literally millions of Californians, both who get coverage through Medi-Cal and Covered California, but also more through employer-based coverage, family plans, and the individual market. These GOP representatives have districts with high need and high take-up, from Fresno to Stockton, from San Bernardino to Redding–how will they explain this vote to their constituents?