Unified for Prop 30…

The campaign for Prop 30 is clear about the impact on education. This year with the budget, the legislature made severe cuts–including to health and human services–but spared education additional cuts, instead relying on Prop 30 to fill a $6 billion hole. Yet if Prop 30 is voted down, then the education cuts are triggered automatically–it’s in the budget.

Education would take the hit, but other programs would be impacted–if not this year, in future years, as legislators have to make tough decisions about where to cut, in education and health: the two biggest parts of the state budget. The Legislature already cut over $15 billion a year in health and human services over the past three years.

As a new Courage Campaign ad suggests, this will have an impact on children in multiple ways, from their classroom to their health.

Today is the last day to register to vote in California (which you can do online at http://www.registertovote.ca.gov. If you haven’t, do so to vote for Prop 30 this election day!

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