The State of the Health System…

Tonight, President Obama gives his State of the Union address. Will he talk about health care?

Ethan Rome of Health Care for America Now, writing at the Huffington Post, suggests the President has a very good report to give about the state of health reform. It’s worth reading.

Last week, in the State of the State, Governor Brown gave a poignant speech on California, it’s past, and it’s promising future. He focused on other issues, but if he wanted, he could have Incorporated health care, and the progress that California is making in implementing the Affordable Care Act, into his narrative about the state’s renewal. We certainly have problems, but we are on a path to progress.

My guess is that President Obama will take about health care.. Not just health reform, but Medicare and Medicaid, certainly in the context of the budget. But given the President focus on the economy, it would be strange if he didn’t touch on the need for a health system that provides families some financial security in the middle of these economically uncertain times.

We’ll see tonight!

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