The deception of Prop 32…

A recent poll shows that Prop 32 is starting to lose support, as they learn more about. It’s not hard to they learn that it isn’t the reform it pretends to be, but a proposition with special exemptions that would hu

Health Access California is proud to join good government groups like Common Cause and the League of Women Voters in opposing Proposition 32. Like them, we would be interested in a proposal that helps removes special interest influence from Sacramento–but Prop 32 seeks to limit the voice of some stakeholders like labor unions while allowing billionaires and many corporate interests to go unchecked.

Prop 32 would have a big impact on health care policy, as our work on behalf of the interests of patients, workers and families would get even more overwhelmed by the political power of insurers, providers, drug companies, and other parts of the health industry.

We’ll post more about Prop 32 in the weeks ahead.

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