#Thankful4Obamacare, and more

This weekend, several folks are tweeting why they are #Thankful4Obamacare, citing many of the various provisions and changes that will serve to improve our health and our health system. Join in with your own reasons–or retweet some of the ones we are offering up at @HealthAccess.

Dan Diamond of California Healthline asked what I was thankful for this season, and my response was included in his write-up. The results of the election clearly top the list, in particular because they ensure the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the historic progress it represents.

But other results matter as well. Prop 30 showed that Californians were willing to invest in core services, finally stabilizing our state finances after years of awful cuts in health and other vital services, so we are in a better position to take advantage of the resources and benefits of federal health reform. And it’s easy to be thankful that it looks like next year won’t include proposals for awful state budget cuts, and that we can focus on the significant work of implementing health reform.

Whatever you are thankful for this week, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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