STATEMENT: Californians Coverage Safe for Now, As #Trumpcare Bill Pulled From Vote

Statement by Anthony Wright, executive director, Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition on the pulling of the GOP’s American Health Care Act which would have left 24 million more uninsured Americans within a decade:

“Millions of Californians can breath a sigh of relief, for now, that their coverage will continue and their benefits will not be cut. Pulling this disastrous bill to cut and cap Medicaid and ACA coverage was the only real choice, given the opposition by doctor, hospital, patient and senior groups, health policy experts across the political spectrum, strong majorities of the public in every poll, a bipartisan group of Governors and Senators, and a growing number of House Republicans. It was immoral and irresponsible to even propose to roll back coverage for millions, raise cost-sharing for consumers, and blow gigantic holes in the budget of California and other states.

“We thank the many members of the California delegation that spoke out against this cut to the health care system we all rely on, but were outraged that 14 members failed to oppose this catastrophe that put so many of their California constituents at risk. Given the disproportionate impact on California and our health system, it’s shocking that so many Congressmembers put party over the care and coverage of their own constituents.

“Consumer and patients advocates are ready to keep up the fight for our health against federal attacks on our coverage and care through administrative actions, budget cuts, and more. We will fight federal efforts to sabotage our health system, and we are committed to continue California’s successful implementation and improvement of the ACA, working with state policymakers on additional ways to expand access and decrease costs, taking steps to quality, affordable health care for all Californians.”