Start Spreading the News…

At the Covered California board meeting yesterday, the exchange indicated their marketing rollout strategy: an announcement on August 29th, test marketing in September in Chico, Sacramento, and San Diego, and then full brand awareness advertising in October. The push for full enrollment messaging will start November-December.

When people bemoan the recent poll results that suggest that people don’t now about their options under the ACA, that’s not surprising–the official and concerted effort to educate hasn’t really begun in California. It will soon.

Until then, it’s been interesting to see how other states are beginning to establish their brand–from Colorado’s functional description’s of the benefits of the new exchange (which could be applied to any state), to Oregon’s musical tribute to the uniqueness of the Pacific Northwest. It’s not a surprise that New York’s first ads would also be a beacon to Empire State Pride, while also being clear about the value of health coverage and choices that their new exchange will provide:

We’ll see Covered California’s contribution to this mosaic in about a week.

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