Year: 2022

Affordability, Affordable Care Act, Covered California, Federal, Medicare

President Biden Signs Historic Health Bill for Lower Premiums and Prescription Drug Prices

President Biden today signed the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant advancement in addressing health care costs since the Affordable Care Act. The law will lower prescription drug prices by allowing the government to negotiate prices, while also capping out-of-pocket and insulin costs in Medicare. It also prevents pricey premium spikes for 1.5 million enrollees in Covered California.

Affordable Care Act, Covered California, Federal, Medicare, Prescription Drugs

Historic Congressional Vote this Week Would Reduce Health Care Costs for Millions of Californians

This week, the U.S. Congress is poised to vote on a much anticipated package of health and other reforms that will provide both immediate and long-term relief from rising health plan premiums and prescription drug prices. In addition to notable climate change and tax policy provisions, the Inflation Reduction Act represents the most impactful federal legislation on health costs since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.