Preventing Harmful Health Care Monopolies

Pass AB 2080 (Wood)! 

In health care, bigger is often not better, it’s just more expensive. Studies show that health care consolidation leads to higher costs without improving quality or maintaining access to care. In fact, health care prices have less to do with the cost of providing care, the quality or care, or improving health outcomes and more to do with the relative size and market power of health monopolies to be able to charge what they want to.

These mergers also often lead to reorganization of service delivery, which can result in fewer choices for consumers and cutting off access to care for emergency rooms, reproductive health services, labor and delivery, and LGBTQ health services – especially in more rural areas.

California has an opportunity to tackle this issue in a big way. That’s why a broad coalition of organizations have come together to support AB 2080 (Wood) which would strengthen and extend the oversight of the California Attorney General over new health care mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions and as well as prohibiting anti-competitive behaviors that lead to monopoly-type power. AB 2080 builds on the existing successful role of the Attorney General giving a voice to patients and the public in hospital transactions, and ultimately helping to contain skyrocketing health care costs.

Health care corporations shouldn’t be calling all the shots when it comes to our care.