Photos: Advocates Respond to Gov. Brown’s Budget, Demand “It’s Time” to Invest in Vital Services

On Friday, January 7, the California Health and Human Services Network (HHS Network), a coalition of anti-poverty advocates, held rallies across the state to demonstrate support for an equitable 2015-2016 California budget that proactively fights poverty through investments in health and human services.

At the rallies, advocates responded to Gov. Brown’s budget and urged investments in childcare programs and the health care safety net, to restore in-home supportive services (IHSS) cuts, repeal the maximum family grant (MFG) rule, improve services for the developmentally disabled, augment SSI funding, increase the minimum wage, fund alternatives to incarceration, remove the discriminatory earned income tax credit (EITC) exclusion to tax-paying undocumented families and adequately fund programs for seniors.

Health Access California was proud to participate in these budget actions and highlight the need to restore critical funding to our state’s health care safety net.

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