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Kitty Taylor

Office Manager

KITTY TAYLOR (They/Them/She/Her), comes in with ten years of non-profit experience, focusing specifically on child abuse prevention and infant sleep related death prevention. Kitty’s work has focused on racial disparities within our health care services and child protective services, and working on systematic changes to better serve those populations to keep families intact, happy, and healthy.

Kitty has over twenty years of operations experience, and prefers to use those skills as an administrative support to the direct service specialists in our communities.

Kitty is an alumni of California State University of Sacramento, where she served as an officer of the QSA. After her work on campus, Kitty went on to work on education and awareness for AIDS and HIV statistics in the U.S.

Kitty is an Orange County native, but resides in Sacramento with her animals. She enjoys playing piano, reading novels or ancient history books, gaming, and hiking with her dog.