Care4All California

A Campaign to Achieve Universal Health Care

The Care4All California campaign is committed to ensuring that California has 100% health coverage, as well as improving quality, affordability, and equity in our health system. We are moving California forward to attain:

  • Universal coverage, regardless of immigration status, age, disability, income, or other factors.
  • Affordable coverage, with increased financial assistance in Covered California to reduce premiums and cost-sharing, so no Californian pays more than a percentage of their income for their premium, on a sliding scale, and lower co-pays and deductibles too.
  • Cost-effective coverage that improves health outcomes and reduces disparities. Care is focused on value, quality and equity for patients, rather than profits.
  • Public coverage options that are determined by public policy and accountability rather than the whims of private insurers.

Care4All California is a coalition of consumer, community, labor, progressive, and health care organizations working to advance the goal of quality affordable health care for all Californians. This campaign includes many organizations that support single-payer and Medicare for All, and we see these efforts to be complementary, not competing with those goals. The Care4All California policy agenda leverages what is achievable in California without significant federal approval to make measurable progress toward universal coverage.

To learn more about the campaign, and follow the progress check out: