Nerdfighters find the Fault in Our Health System…

The premiering of the new movie, The Fault in Our Stars, based on the young adult book by John Green, reminded me of John Green’s active video blogging, where he provides surprisingly incisive commentary on a range of topics–including health care.

We have featured those videos here on this blog, where he compares the (admittedly buggy) way to enroll in “Obamacare” in October 2013, with the process beforehand.

My favorite was the explanation of how much health care costs, which was just really good, better at explaining the complexity of the topic than what I have seen come from many experts in the field.

So in honor of his new movie, I’ll add another of his many entries in health care, where John Green makes the capitalist case for health reform, or encouraging entrepreneurs versus employers, and talks personally about the impact of the ACA on his brother, and Vlogbrothers partner Hank Green: