Legislation 2019

2019 Legislative Scorecard (PDF)

2019 Year In Review (PDF)

2019 Bills

2019 bills that address expanding coverage, lowering costs, and improving health equity:


Affordability Assistance

Individual Mandate

Improving and Streamlining Enrollment

  • Keeping Consumers Covered SB 260 (Hurtado)
  • Extending the Open Enrollment Deadline AB 1309 (Bauer-Kahan)

Containing Health Care Costs

  • Curbing harmful Big Pharma “pay-for-delay” pricing practices AB 824 (Wood)
  • Rate Review: Building in What Works AB 731 (Kalra)
  • Surprise Emergency Bills from Out of Network Hospitals AB 1611 (Chiu)

Improving Quality and Equity Through Accountability

Protecting Consumers

  • Creating a Level Playing Field for Health Insurance AB 1246 (Limon)
  • Ensuring Legislative Review over ACA Waivers AB 1063 (Petrie-Norris)