Important consumer protections pass Senate..

Some key consumer protection bills passed today in the California Senate, and now head for consideration in the Assembly. They include:

SB964(Hernandez), for better monitoring and enforcement to ensure network adequacy and timely access to care, passed 29-5.

SB959(Hernandez), a “clean-up” bill on individual and small group market insurance reform, passed 24-7

SB1124(Hernandez), to limit estate recovery for those enrolling the Medi-Cal expansion, passed 29-5.

SB1100(Hernandez), to provide continuity of care for those switching plans, passed 25-10.

SB1276(Hernandez), to provide for payment plans for those with high hospital bills, passed 22-10.

SB1176(Steinberg), to have health plans track out-of-pocket costs for consumers, passed 24-11.

All bills must pass the first legislative house by the end of the week, so more reports to follow!