We are now in the last hours to help get your loved ones covered-the best Valentine you can give, at http://www.coveredca.com.

But if you are already covered, we offer the Valentine’s Day edition of Health Wonk Review, this week hosted by Peggy Salvatore at Health System Ed (It leads with our tribute to our colleague Peter Harbage, but then goes into several other policy issues of note.

On a lighter side, over the last few days, health policy reformers and wonks and experts were having some fun on Twitter with #healthpolicyvalentines, amusing ways to express one’s love and health nerdiness at the same time. Posts from us and others even got some press.

Our most retweeted posts were:

* My love for you is a pre-existing condition that can’t be denied.

* There’s nothing generic about our love, but I would still put you on the first tier of my formulary.

* Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ll express our feelings as often as opponents will sue.

* My love for you needs no documentation.

Here’s some more fun #healthpolicyvalentines that we came up with. You can search of Twitter for many, many more from all over the Internet:

* Let’s get together in a small group, just the two of us… I’ll meet you at any attachment point.

* I don’t need the CBO to independently confirm my love for you. #healthpolicyvalentines

* You like to explore your options and play the field, but this weekend is the time to pick a plan and get some care.

* Roses are red, some states are too, but Medicaid is now for everyone, even in states that aren’t blue.

* Like a tobacco tax, I’d be good for your heart and body.

* #50ShadesOfRateRegulation I’ll let you charge me with a premium with prior approval.

* To me, you are like essential health benefits: a perfect 10.

* Let’s close the deal this weekend, and pick a plan.

* Roses are red, violets are blue, sign up for coverage this weekend, for you and your boo.

* Let’s go out on a individual mandate, and rate review a new movie: Love, Actuarially.

* For you, there’s no wrong door to my heart.

* Like FFP for newly eligibles, our match is 100%. (In a few years it’ll go down to 90%, but that’s still pretty good)

* This weekend, let’s take some quality time together with http://healthcare.gov under the covers to get covered.

* I’d never sell you substandard health coverage-our relationship is 100% actuarial value, certainly not less than 60%.

* My valentine’s card is true about all the ways I care for you, unlike my plan’s provider directory.

* Roses and red, violets are blue, sign up for coverage, if already enrolled then renew.

* If the definition of flirting is inordinate attention, then the GOP has a huge crush on #Obamacare.

* I got a peek at your 1095A and your subsidies were very impressive.

* You’ll always have timely access to me.

* Mi medical casa es su medical casa.

* Let’s be friends with essential health benefits.

* Don’t worry about expensive cost-sharing. I’ll be the #singlepayer on Valentine’s Day and everyday.

* I want to see you the way California passes laws implementing #Obamacare: early, often, and trying to go further.

* Valentine, you can take the express lane to my heart in a SNAP.

* We will not waiver in our love for Medicaid.

* My passion for you is even more unsustainable than the price of Sovaldi.

* I remember our first meeting even more clearly than the Congressional intent that FFE states should get subsidies.

* My love for you is bigger than a pharmaceutical company marketing budget.

* I love you like Medi-Cal does now–not just because of our child, but after they grow up, and when we get old.

* While I have been in Health Affairs in the past, I will now only put out papers with you.

* Like an adequate provider network, I will care for you, when you need it & where you need it.

* If Sutter and Blue Shield can make up, we can, too.

* Unlike this open enrollment period, our love goes beyond this Sunday. You’ll always be in a special category for me.

* Our relationship has Platinum benefits but with only Bronze premiums. #healthpolicyvalentines

* Our love is like #Obamacare, so deep-rooted that is impossible to undo. #healthpolicyvalentines