California LGBTQ HHS Network

Working together to improve the health of LGBTQ Californians and their families

Since 2012, Health Access has staffed and hosted the California Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Health & Human Services Network (LGBTQ HHS Network). This is a statewide coalition of more than 50 non-profit providers, community centers, and researchers that advocates collectively for state level policies and resources that will advance LGBTQ health. We strive to provide coordinated leadership about LGBTQ health policy in a proactive, responsive manner that promotes health and wellness as part of the movement for LGBTQ equality.

Through monthly conference calls and regular email updates, the LGBTQ HHS Network keeps organizations updated about state-level policies and initiatives. Consistent outreach and communication ensures that the LGBTQ HHS Network hears the collective needs of LGBTQ communities and can represent those needs to legislators and other policymakers.

The Network seeks to:

  • Advocate for policies advancing the health of LGBTQ communities
  • Expand coverage and improve access to quality health care
  • Strengthen programs and build capacity for member organizations
  • Increase funding to LGBTQ health and human services organizations

Priority Work Areas

We have made progress in ensuring that policies and regulations are inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ people and families, amplified the voices of LGBTQ organizations, and increased the strength of the LGBTQ HHS Network. We are currently focusing on:

  • Increasing critical demographic data collection about sexual orientation and gender identity so we are better able to identify existing disparities and create policy solutions to address the problems.
  • Ensuring that transgender people are able to access the care they are entitled to by removing the transgender exclusion clauses from health insurance in California.
  • Working to build a health care workforce that represents the diversity of California and is welcoming and knowledgeable about the needs of LGBTQ patients.
  • Advocating for Health4All, because all people deserve access to health care regardless of their immigration status.

For more information

Amanda McAllister-Wallner, California LGBTQ Health & Human Services Network Director
916-497-0923 x802

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @CALGBTQHealth

Web: CA LGBTQ HHS Network