Guv to Legislators: Overide *this*

Responding to statements that lawmakers will override his budget veto, the governor said Tuesday afternoon that he’d be taking a very close look at some of the bills that are currently on this desk — threatening to take his veto pen those as well.

Upon further questioning, he clarified he’d only veto the ones he considered “job killers” or would cost the state more money. I wonder if this could set off a veto override frenzy – with Democrats and Republicans united against the governor ….

Overall, though, I’m not really sure why the Legislature wants to defend its crappy budget so vigorously. While I don’t agree with the governor’s policy direction — demanding a stricter rainy day fund and making it harder to even use the money — rhetorically what he says makes sense: “Just get it over with already!” To us, it means finding a stable source of revenue so that we don’t have to keep dealing with this day in and day out. We already have the Republicans admitting that cuts-only doesn’t work. If gimmicks and cuts don’t work either…what’s left?

Even the legislators themselves admit it’s a dumb budget that doesn’t resolve any issues. They’re stuffing the big budget mess in the closet and slamming the door — only, when they reopen it again, in a day, a week, a couple months, the big mess of dismembered dolls and deflated balls will come tumbling out.

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