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Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of Americans have new health coverage options and new help to afford coverage that they can rely on. California led the nation in expanding Medicaid, giving working families subsidies in Covered California in order to afford private insurance, preventing people from being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, letting young people stay on their parent’s insurance until age 26, and much more. But these options are at risk. President-elect Trump, and the Republican majority in Congress including many Congressional Representatives from California have promised that the ACA should be repealed, without a comprehensive plan to replace it. Without these new options and financial assistance, millions of folks who have benefited from the ACA will face dire health and economic consequences.
We need your help to be explicit with the new Congress and Administration about the true impact of their decisions—to fight to preserve the benefits we rely on today. Please share your story about how the ACA has helped you and your family. Your voice matters, and it will be what helps preserve this progress.

Your voice can make a difference. Tell us why the Affordable Care Act matters to you.

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SURPRISE BILLS: You received a bill from an out-of-network health care provider (like a radiologist or anesthesiologist), even though you went to an in-network hospital, imaging center, or other health facility.

STILL UNINSURED: You do not have insurance coverage or Medi-Cal because you cannot afford the current options, and/or because of your immigration status.

AFFORDABILITY: You can’t afford or are having a hard time paying your monthly premium for health insurance. Your cost sharing (copays, deductibles, etc.) is too high.


  • You have found inaccuracies in your plan’s provider directory, for example the providers are no longer in business or they won’t take your plan.
  • You cannot find a provider close to where you live.
  • A listed provider is not accepting new patients or enrollees with your plan.


  • You have to wait too long for an appointment for primary care
  • You cannot see a specialist in time to treat a serious medical concern


  • You have a complaint about your health insurance or your provider, but you are not sure how to file a complaint or need help with the complaint process.
  • You already filed a complaint but have no idea what happened with it or are not satisfied with the response.

MEDI-CAL: As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medi-Cal, we are looking for stories of people who have benefited from Medi-Cal in any way.

ESTATE RECOVERY: you are over age 55 and have not or will not apply for Medi-Cal because of the current state policy (estate recovery). California is one of only ten states that impose estate recovery on more than long term care services, where the state, for those over 55, recovers the cost of all medical care from the estate of an individual after death. This has discouraged some from signing up for Medi-Cal coverage.

Your experience can help change our health care system for the better. This information will only be used by Health Access to contact you if necessary. It will not be published or shared with any other party without your permission.