Everything but the red carpet…

Covered California announced its first wave of television ads today. Seeing the various ads by different state exchanges, it allows us to become armchair marketing students, seeing how different states and agencies tackle a similar challenge in different ways. Vermont, like others, make an emphasis on state pride (“for Vermonters, by Vermonters”), and sets a broad tone to invoke health in various aspects of life.


Minnesota is very state-specific with its slogan “Land of 10,000 Reasons to Get Health Insurance” and it’s Paul Bunyan character, but with that, very specific in making the case that we all will need health coverage, by age and accident. The potential for accidents in Minnesota is apparently endless.


 We are pleased that California’s ads balance the effort to invoke the charms of California, with vistas of the coast and the Central Valley, and the practical information for consumers about their new rights and options starting next year. We’ll post soon with more commentary on California’s commercials and marketing strategy.

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