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Your organization’s membership support does make a difference.

We need to work together for quality, affordable health care. United, our coalition can win meaningful change for the insured and the remaining uninsured.

Your membership includes a subscription to timely, concise updates and analysis of legislation of interest to advocates for the insured and the uninsured; regular updates and alerts via e-mail; up to date budget information, including a scorecard on health care budget cuts. Also included are advocacy materials such as sample letters to the editor, op-eds, phone scripts, letters to legislators, other items that can be easily tailored/adapted for specific audiences, and reports and studies on budget and health reform opportunities. Health Access can provide speakers for meetings and events, and work with your organization to become influential advocates on health issues. Members are invited to participate in formulating the policy and strategy of the coalition, and in advocacy activities including press conferences and town meetings.

Standard organizational membership dues are $250. For large organizations and unions, the membership is $1000 or more, depending on size. Small groups can have the dues reduced to what they can afford to contribute.

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