End of Week Wonkdom…

Health Wonk Review is a biweekly compendium of health policy blog posts, of different perspectives from around the country.

This week’s edition is from David Williams at the Health Business Blog, who posted Health Wonk Review: A lot to chew on, which includes our post on Steve Brill’s Time magazine article on hospital charges.

Jaan Sidorov had previously posted the February Edition of the Health Wonk Review: Insightful Nuggets From the Best Health Policy Blogs at Disease Management Care Blog.  Before that, Peggy Salvatore hosted  Health Wonk Review – Valentine’s Day Edition: Here’s Your Heart! at Healthcare Talent Transformation.
Prior to that, Maggie Mahar posted Health Wonk Review: Waste, Warnings and the Future at Steve Anderson’s HealthInsurance.org Blog; and Christopher Fleming provided a cogent Health Wonk Review: The Inauguration Edition at The Health Affairs Blog.

We appreciate being featured, and the work that it takes to pull these posts together.

For more wonkery for your weekend, follow the Association of Health Care Journalists on Twitter. Their hashtag #AHCJ13 is a nice way to follow some fascinating panels on a variety of subjects, at their conference which started today and goes through the weekend.

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