Despite Congressional Threats, CoveredCA Get Surge of Interest and Enrollments

Due to a surge of enrollment, Covered California extended the deadline for enrolling in health plans that would start January 1, 2017. Consumer advocates urge Californians to sign up for coverage, then to be active in the political debate and action around whether to repeal or replace those benefits.

The increase in interest contradicts any notion that the public wants these coverage options and benefits to be taken away. Even with this spike in enrollment, Congressional leaders are racing to repeal the financial help that Covered California provides, even though they have no plan for a replacement. No matter what happens at the federal level, this coverage will last through 2017, so we urge Californians to sign up for a health plan–and then to join the fight to protect these coverage options. Our Congressional delegation needs to understand that repealing these subsidies entirely or capping them would lead to hundreds of thousands of Californians losing coverage, and to skyrocketing increases for everybody else.

Despite the real threats in pending congressional proposals, Covered California remains open for business. It’s a good sign that a respected business leader like Paul Fearer, who has been there since day one, is not backing out but is doubling down on his role in making Covered California a vital and needed resource for families seeking health coverage

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