DC Spotlights California

Earlier this week, our executive director Anthony Wright was pleased to participate on a panel in Washington, DC, hosted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, to examine ACA implementation in California (CA). Also in the discussion was CA HHS Secretary Diana Dooley, DHCS Director Toby Douglas, and LA DHS Director Mitch Katz, as well as Phil Schirilo of the White House. We discussed the latest developments and lessons learned about the ACA implementation in the nation’s largest state.

The event featured the release of a report, The Uninsured at the Starting Line in California, based on findings from the 2013 Kaiser Survey of Low-Income Americans and the ACA, which provides a California snapshot of health insurance coverage, health care use and barriers to care, and financial security among insured and uninsured adults across the income spectrum at the starting line of ACA implementation.

Here’s video from the event: