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CA Bill Strengthens Surprise Medical Bill Protections After Win at the Federal Level

A new California bill introduced today, AB 510 by Assemblymember Wood, will strengthen California’s already historic protections against surprise medical bills. While California’s AB 72 (2016) already protected most Californians from receiving costly medical bills for out-of-network care unknowingly received at an in-network facility, Congress recently passed the No Surprises Act which fills in most of the gaps which remained. The No Surprises Act, which will go into effect January 1, 2022, will cover the over 6 million Californians with coverage regulated at the federal level who were not protected under AB 72. While the state law is stronger in many areas, the new federal law includes some reforms that are even more consumer friendly than state law. AB 510 will conform state law with federal law, particularly regarding a patients’ ability to consent to go out-of-network.

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Twenty Takeaways from 2020

Protecting Our Progress and Confronting the Challenges of COVID-19 Like most Californians, we had high hopes for progress in 2020. The year began in earnest with the implementation of expanded access and affordability to coverage for hundreds of thousands of Californians, and ambitious plans to increase health industry oversight to control costs, improve quality and […]

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Californians to Benefit from COVID-19 Relief and Solution to Surprise Medical Bills

Health advocates expressed support for the package of COVID-19 financial relief set for a vote in Congress today, with the vow to continue to advocate for key elements that are not included in the current package, such as state and local aid to maintain health and other vital services. In particular, health advocates are pleased with the inclusion of consumer protections to stop surprise medical bills, a long-sought solution to ensure patients don’t get unexpected out-of-network bills from health providers, which can often be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

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Californias Still Awaiting Deal on Desperately Needed COVID-19 Aid; Health Advocates Also Urge Solution to Surprise Medical Bills

As the Christmas break looms, health and consumer advocates expressed frustration that Congress has yet to pass or come to final agreement on needed COVID-19 financial and health relief. Reports indicate that key elements will not be included in the relief package, such as state and local aid to maintain key health and other vital services. Health advocates also urged that the final package include the announced compromise to stop surprise medical bills, a long sought solution to ensure patients don’t get unexpected out-of-network bills from health providers, which can often be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

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Despite Pandemic, Progress Continued on Health Care, Coverage, and Costs in California; Advocates Urge Governor Newsom Sign Key Access and Accountability Bills

This morning, the California Legislature ended a 2020 session marked by significant changes due to the COVID-19 crisis. While several high-profile health policy initiatives stalled in light of the pandemic and the economic emergency that caused a state budget deficit, the legislative year ended with key advances on health policy for California consumers.