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Health Access 2021 Scorecard Reveals Health Consumer Champions

Health Access’s new 2021 Legislative Scorecard highlights key bills supported by health care consumer advocates in the 2021 legislative session. Several of the bills listed sought to respond to the problems of the pandemic, which highlighted the gaps and inequities in our health care system, from lack of access to care, to the resulting economic […]


California Health Consumer Champions Revealed in Health Access’ 2021 Legislative Scorecard

Health Access 2021 Legislative Scorecard analyzes how California legislators voted on bills to improve our health care system for California health consumers, including efforts to expand coverage, lower the cost of care, and hold the health care industry accountable for quality and equity. More than half of all legislators (27 Senators & 42 Assemblymembers) voted with health care consumers 100% of the time for the 2021 legislative session, with 26 lawmakers (10 Senators & 16 Assemblymembers) earning the title of “Health Consumer Champion” for receiving 100% for 3 years running (2019-2021).

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Health Access 2020 Legislative Scorecard Reveals Legislative Champions

Today, Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, released its 2020 Legislative Scorecard which highlights key bills supported by health care consumer advocates in the 2020 legislative session which officially ended this week. Though 2020 was a challenging year, the California Legislature took key votes on urgent issues, and the new scorecard quantifies how often each legislator sided with California patients and the public. Consumer advocates are urging many of Assemblymembers and Senators returning on Monday for a new legislative session to continue being champions, and/or to improve their scores going forward.

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Health Consumer Champions Revealed in New Health Access 2019 Legislative Scorecard

Looking back on a momentous year for California health care consumers, earlier this week Health Access California released its 2019 Legislative Scorecard highlighting key bills supported by health care consumer advocates in the 2019 legislative session. The report details how policymakers voted on key bills to protect patients, expand coverage, and increase oversight on insurers, the health […]

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Health Access California Releases 2017 Legislative Scorecard

As we start a new legislative year in California, Health Access California is releasing its 2017 legislative scorecard, to spotlight how legislators voted on last year’s landmark bills to protect health care in California. Despite epic federal threats, the 2017 legislative session was a productive year, and we passed laws on prescription drug prices, continuity of care protections, […]

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Office of Patient Advocate Releases 2017-18 Health Care Quality Report Card

The California Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) has released its 2017-18 Health Care Quality Report Card, a tool that helps consumers compare the quality of health plans and find information to help them get the care they need. With California’s Open Enrollment starting November 1st and continuing until January 31, 2018, consumers can evaluate […]