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Two cents on the MA election…

Darn Red Sox fans. The Massachusetts Senate election has now been won by an opponent of health reform. But was health reform what the election was about? Yes, in part. It was also about the economy, bank bailouts, unemployment, the conviction record of that state’s attorney general, and (strangely) what team Curt Shilling roots for. […] Read More

All eyes on Massachusetts…

What is it about the Bay State? It was there that a 2006 reform got people talking again about health reform in a big way. (Maine and California got some attention in 2003 for reforms, but not as much.) The Massachusetts law was widely scrutinized (including by us at Health Access), either as a reform […] Read More

The Worst $650 Cookie Ever!

My colleague, Beth Capell, has already posted her impressions from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) meeting that we attended last week in San Francisco. It was so not what I expected that I thought I would add my reaction as well. During my federal career at The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services […] Read More

A Cautionary Tale for California…

Indiana’s generally well-regarded Republican governor who formerly served as President George Bush’s Director of Management and Budget, pulled the plug on October 16 on their effort to “modernize” the state’s system of delivering welfare services. This was a similar result in Indiana to an effort to privatize welfare in the state of Texas which was […] Read More

Healthier from health reform?

Does expanding health coverage actuall improve people’s health? This is not as obvious an answer as you might think. Frankly, health reform is more about improving our economic health, rather than their personal health. Health care and coverage often comes after people are sick… it ensures that people get care but also that they don’t […] Read More

On another ballot….

There’s lots of important ballot measures on the California ballot, but one for health advocates to watch is in Arizona. In Arizona, there’s Proposition 101, which would block future universal health coverage efforts in that state, according to Jacob Goldstein of the Wall Street Journal Health Blog. The initiative, as a constitutional amendment, states that […] Read More

Coast to coast consumer protections…

Congratulations to New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, who just signed a law to prevent hospitals overcharging the uninsured. Previously in 2006, both California and New York passed comprehensive legislation to prohibit hospitals from overcharging those who don’t have an insurer or government program to negotiate for them, and as a result, get charged more 3-4 […] Read More

Mega problems with mini-coverage…

Last week had a startling article by Julie Appleby at the USA Today about the result of a 36-state investigation of HealthMarkets, resulting in a $20 million settlement, for duping lots of health care consumers into buying substandard health coverage. The investigation, prompted by numerous complaints, found that insurer HealthMarkets failed to properly train its […] Read More

Progress report

Ezra Klein has a good update on what’s going on with the Massachusetts plan here. Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

Healthy blogging…

Those interested in health policy should be subscribed to the news summary that the Kaiser Family Foundation puts out on a daily basis. Now, those summaries will often include a health policy blog roundup, which will be another way to keep up-to-date. Here’s several gold nuggets they found from panning the blogosphere about McCain’s health […] Read More