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Nomination of Tom Price as HHS Secretary Signals Threat to Medicare, Not Just Obamacare

On Tuesday, Health Access California reacted to President-elect Trump’s nomination of Representative Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Health Access Executive Director Anthony Wright made this statement following the announcement: “This nomination signals the new President-elect’s plans to undo the guarantees of not just Obamacare, but Medicare and Medicaid as well. Despite […]

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DHCS Stakeholder Advisory Committee Digs Deeper into Medi-Cal 2020 Waiver, SB 75 Implementation (Health4Kids), and Other Care Transformation Initiatives

This blog was written by Tam M. Ma (Policy Counsel) and Judi Hilman (Director of Special Projects) DHCS held its quarterly Stakeholder Advisory Committee today, the first time since California’s Medi-Cal 2020 waiver was approved at the end of December, covering a range of topics, including the waiver renewal, SB 75 implementation of Health for […]

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President Obama’s Budget Proposal: What It Means for California

Even with a gridlocked, Republican-controlled Congress, federal budget advocacy will be important this year—no matter how busy we are with reform implementation at the state level. Here is Health Access’ quick take on some specific health elements of President Obama’s budget proposal, the first step in the months-long federal budget process. CHIP Re-authorization: The President’s budget includes a 4-year […]

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Health care in the crosshairs..

The Republican National Convention just adopted its platform, and health care issues are getting the most attention. The headlines are about a GOP platform that restricts abortions without exceptions; completely changes Medicare into a voucher program; and repeals the Affordable Care Act. The desire to repeal “Obamacare” is expected, but it’s striking how much the […]


Medicare math…

It’s been interesting to see the Presidential campaign turn into a debate about health policy. Not too long ago, it was assumed that neither candidates would talk about health care much–it has surprised some that the President has talked a lot in his speeches about the Affordable Care Act, and many assumed Governor Romney would […]

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Tax Day Thoughts…

On tax day, we remember the saying by Oliver Wendell Holmes, that “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” Today, we joined other Sacramento leaders in front of the Federal building, to protest a decidedly uncivilized proposal–to give significant tax breaks to the richest among us, to cut and undermine core health […]

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Well-deserved award for uncovering Prime abuses..

The Center for Investigative Reporting’s California Watch has won a well-deserved Polk Award for their investigation in to Prime, a controversial Southern California hospital chain. Congrats to reporters Lance Williams, Christina Jewett and Stephen K. Doig for uncovering a Prime’s questionable pattern of billing Medicare for rare and unlikely ailments. Either there is some strange […]