Guaranteed Issue

Governor Brown Signs AB151 (Monning) Guaranteeing Seniors Access to Medigap Coverage

This afternoon, Governor Brown signed AB151 by Assemblymember Monning. This bill will enable all persons on Medicare Advantage plans whose premiums or cost sharing increase, or whose benefits decrease, to purchase a Medigap policy if they decide that Original Medicare and a Medigap policy are preferable to continuing in their Medicare Advantage policy. As federal […] Read More

Senate Health reviews key bills…

The Senate Health Committee met today to consider a number of Assembly bills. Two bills related to health reform implementation sparked the most robust discussion. AB 1887 (Villines) is one of 2 bills that would help draw down $761 million in federal funding for a new “high risk” pool. The high risk pool would be […] Read More

High Risk a Bigger Risk under McCain

On September 30, Governor Schwarzenegger, who supports John McCain for president, vetoed AB2, a measure to help shore up California’s high risk pool—even though high risk pools are a key concept in John McCain’s health proposal. California’s high risk pool serves about between 7,000 and 9,000 people, a small fraction of the medically uninsurable population […] Read More

Still fuming…

As we survey the carnage from the vetoes of the past few days, I want to highlight AB2(Dymally), a top priority for Health Access California, AARP, and many other consumer groups. Must has been made of the rescission issue this year, where several thousand people over the past few years have been retroactively denied for […] Read More

Value in the Individual Insurance Market

Our post on whether we can ever fully fix the individual insurance market got a decent amount of attention last week, from the Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report to the Disease Management Care Blog hosting Health Wonk Review this week. As always, both are chock full of interesting links, especially around health policy questions relating […] Read More

Blue Shield and Blue Cross settle on rescissions…

Big day on rescissions. I was in Los Angeles, testifying before the LA County Commission on Insurance in support of SB840, health reform, and specific pending legislation on recissions–after all there are no less than four bills, sponsored by Assemblymembers De La Torra, Deleon, Hayashi, and Lieu, that include a number of reforms. I thought […] Read More

High-Risk policies, indeed…

Last week, one aspect of the McCain health plan was highlighted by Kevin Sack of the New York Times , in an article entitled, “McCain Plan to Aid States on Health Could Be Costly.” It lays out the problem: “If Senator John McCain’s radical plan for remaking American health care is to work, he will […] Read More

Evidence for Reform

A national report released today confirms what many health advocates already knew: California’s individual health insurance market is a big mess. The individual market is where consumers to go buy health insurance if you don’t get it at work (where you have a group going in to buy coverage together and spreading out the risks) […] Read More

Pretty soon, the insureable will be a pretty exclusive club

The NYT had an interesting story on Sunday about women, of childbearing age, who are denied coverage on the individual market because they had previously had a Caesarean section. The rationale is that these women would be likely to have another expensive C-section should they get pregnant again. If that were truly the case, most […] Read More