Blue Cross

David with a calculator rather than a slingshot

Remember the math errors that led Anthem Blue Cross to have to withdraw its rate hikes of up to 39%? As Duke Helfand of the LA Times reports, those errors were not found by some large firm in a big building with supercomputers humming, but by an individual consultant with a little help, working out […] Read More

Anthem Blue Cross files rate hike…

Anthem Blue Cross today announced rate increases significantly lower than their previous request. As you may remember, the state’s largest insurer proposed rate increases up to 39%–increases that got presidential level attention during our national debate on health reform. They eventually had to withdraw them when an independent actuarial review of the rate filing was […] Read More

Ask and you shall receive…

Last month, Health Access called upon Commissioner Steve Poizner to extend the actuarial review that the Department of Insurance placed on the infamous Anthem Blue Cross rate increase filings on all insurers. Today, we thank him for announcing that the Commissioner intends to do just that in the individual market: to have the same independent […] Read More

Time to take the next step in investigating the insurers

Yesterday, Health Access California urged state regulators in letters this week to undertake a broader investigation on planned health insurance rate hikes, as reported today by Duke Helfand in the Los Angeles Times. Last week, Anthem Blue Cross of California withdrew applications to increase rates by up to 39%, after an independent analysis of their […] Read More

Anthem Blue Cross withdraws rate hikes, for now…

California consumers got some relief today. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced that Anthem Blue Cross of California has withdrawn their rate filings, after a review of an independent actuary has revealed various problems, including arithmetic errors and double-counting. The rate hikes of up to 39% were controversial, the subject of a white-hot presidential spotlight during […] Read More

WellPoint, Blue Shield end rescissions

It’s often said that sunshine is the best disinfectant — and that may well be the case regarding this surprise development: Lisa Girion of the Los Angeles Times reports that two of the nation’s largest insurers — WellPoint and Blue Shield of California — have agreed to end the practice of rescission. WellPoint is the […] Read More

Anthem Blue Cross delays rate hike — again

Anthem Blue Cross is postponing a rate increase of up to 39% until further notice, executives at parent company WellPoint say. In an article by Duke Hefland of the Los Angeles Times, WellPoint did not give any indication it was backing off the rate hike altogether. Rather, the Indiana corporation said it was responding to […] Read More

Sebelius to WellPoint: Knock it Off!

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wasted no time in sharply admonishing the CEO of WellPoint Inc. for the insurers’ practice of dumping breast cancer patients, and refusing to pay for their care. In a letter sent to CEO Angela Braly, Sebelius reminded the highly compensated executive ($13-plus million last year) that this sort of practice is […] Read More

Already, WellPoint is trying to game the system..

“Hold onto your health plans,” writes the San Francisco Chronicle editorial page editors. Because apparently we consumers are in for a wild ride — one in which health plans try everything under the sun to boost their profits under the new rules. Right away, the Chron fingers WellPoint, the parent company of Anthem Blue Cross […] Read More

Anthem Blue Cross dumps breast cancer patients

An exclusive article by Murray Haas of Reuters documents how Anthem Blue Cross routinely and systematically identifies breast cancer cases among its policyholders and pulls their medical coverage out from under them. Not only does the article expose the appalling practice of how Anthem Blue Cross uses an algorhythm to search its computer databases for […] Read More