Budget passes… Key votes tomorrow…

Earlier today, the California Legislature passed an overall 2013-14 state budget that includes a historic expansion of Medi-Cal to over one million Californians, and the restoration of most dental services to over three million Californians.

This budget provides much needed help to our families and our health system, using federal dollars to expand Medi-Cal coverage to one million Californians and to restore dental services to over three million Californians. These actions will not just help Californians without medical or dental coverage from dramatic health and financial consequences, but help our health system and economy for all of us. But at the time when the federal government is expanding coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the Governor has unfortunately succeeded in this budget in cutting county safety-net capacity to care and cover those who fall through the cracks and remain uninsured.

The work is not done: the Legislature is coming back tomorrow on key trailer bills, including SB77/AB82 (health trailer bill, with items like adult dental), and SB80/AB85 (county health care safety net dollars reallocation).

More tonight and tomorrow.
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