Ballot arguments are out!

Today, the text of the ballot arguments were made public for the November initiatives.

While much of the focus of this fall will be around the much needed revenues in Proposition 30 (which we support) and the effort to silence unionized workers’ political voice in Proposition 32 (which we oppose), Health Access California is pleased to also be involved and listed in the effort against Proposition 31.

Proposition 31 offers to make reforms to our admittedly broken budget and governance structure, but Prop 31 would actually makes things worse–add more red tape to an already cumbersome budget process, give the Governor unilateral ability to make cuts, and allow local politicians to pre-empt state law.

Here’s the title and summary.

Also here is the argument against, and the rebuttal to the proponents that Health Access California signed onto.

We’ll post more of our analysis about the problems with Proposition 31 soon!

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