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California’s Health Is On The Ballot This November

Health Access California endorses propositions 55 & 56 to raise revenue for Medi-Cal, a pillar of our health system on which we all rely. 

Fact Sheets

Proposition 56 Saves Lives & Money, Raises Over $1 Billion to Improve Medi-Cal and Our Health System

Proposition 55 Can Restore and Improve Medi-Cal and Our Health System

YES on 55 & 56 for California’s Health

Medi-Cal and the Propositions

Capitol Weekly: Medi-Cal pervades Nov. 8 ballot

Capital & Main: California Comeback: Will Health & Human Services Escape Future Cuts?

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Kaiser Health News: Tobacco Tax Ballot Measure Would Fund Health Care For California’s Poor — But How?

Blog: Health Advocates Protest Big Tobacco’s Lies

Editorial Endorsements:

California Budget & Policy Center: Proposition 56: Should California Voters Increase the State Excise Tax on Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products?

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Learn More About Proposition 55

Press Release: Health Access California Endorses Proposition 55

California Budget & Policy Center Analysis: Proposition 55: Should California Maintain Higher Taxes on the Wealthiest to Fund Education, Health Care, and Other Services?

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