Anyday now…

We’ve been getting calls for the last several weeks–asking about the impacts of the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act.

The buzz has been from the policy experts. We joined the policy geeks at Health Wonk Review in commentating on the deliberations at Managed Care Matters.

The questions have been from the media. Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post reports about the preparations of our group, and other advocates in DC and around the nation, to explain to the press and the public what the decision means.

And we have been in touch with our political leaders and policymakers, gratified that there’s a strong commitment that California can’t go back to the unsustainable status quo of just a few years ago, that California will continue to move forward to improve our health system, encourage prevention, and ensure financial security. The need and the commitment is there regardless. But what matters is what the Supreme Court does to the federal framework and funds to help California fix our broken health system.

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